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Simon started his apprenticeship as an automation specialist with Schmid Automation in 2016 and has now successfully completed half of his vocational training. “I find my daily work on diverse projects very much fun,” says Simon. Now he eagerly awaits the launch of the Trainee Program for apprentices. “I look forward to the information days on electrical and software engineering.” After this, Simon is considering the option of completing the second half of his four-year vocational training in one of the Engineering departments.

Thomas Oertle joined Schmid Automation in 2007 while continuing his education to qualify as a production engineer (Betriebstechniker TS) at the ZbW center of vocational continuing education in St. Gallen. “After completing my continuing education, I wanted to make the best possible use of my new skills,” remembers Thomas. Schmid Automation offered him this opportunity even before he finished his continuing education. From 2011 to 2013, he acquired additional knowledge in a company in the same industry, but decided to return to Schmid Automation after two years. This proved to be a true win-win situation for both sides, for now Thomas as a project manager handles mid-size and large projects on his own and is the acknowledged driving force behind the electrical engineering team. And what is more: “To allow me to pursue my hobby as a helper at the Openair St. Gallen during the summer months, the company offers me flexible annual working hours so that I can be absent from the office during six whole weeks in a row,” explains Thomas.

Marcel Fust joined Schmid Automation in 2008. “The company offered me an opportunity to join them as someone coming from a different educational background, an opportunity that I didn’t hesitate to seize,” remembers Marcel as if this had happened yesterday. After completing his continuing education as a graduate electrical engineer (Dipl. Elektro-Techniker HF) at the ZbW in St. Gallen, Marcel worked for six years and a half in the Software Engineering department. Here he had the chance to familiarize himself in-depth with PLCs and process control systems such as automationX, CODESYS and TIA-Portal and to learn how to apply them. Marcel reflects: “Getting to know the new systems was easy, thanks to the excellent support I received from the Schmid team. The hands-on experience that I was able to gather during this period proved to be extremely valuable in my further career.” In 2011, the company allowed Marcel to attend a three-month language course in New York. Then, from the autumn of 2012 onward, Marcel – supported by the company – attended the MAS Business Administration and Engineering course at the University of Applied Science in St. Gallen. “After this, I wanted to apply what I had just learned. Together with the company management, a new role was created, and I am very proud to have helped shape the future of Schmid Automation since 2014 in my capacity as a senior automation consultant in the company management,” says Marcel about his career up to now.